Monday, December 28, 2009

3 months and counting

Its been 3 months since I have seen these babies of ours. I thought we were going to see them in February. It turns out that we are not... I already felt awful that come February it would make allmost 6 months since they had been held and loved by a mama and I have no idea when we will go see them and how long it will be. To think that these are our kids, that they know us, and that we only held them 3 weeks out of 52 last year. To think of how often I held my 3 babies here, how their little brains deveoped at least 60% of the time in my arms as babies, and how Davids is developing in a small room, sharing precious little cuddle time with 2 nannies and about 30 babies, it makes me sad. To know that Christella lost her mom at 2 years old, and lost her dad at 3 , and went to live with her uncle who couldn't feed her until 4 , and was then brought to the orphanage and is now 5 and a half,,,and still no mama to hold her at night and tuck her in. and to think of all the amazing things that God has made for us to see, hear, feel, touch, taste...and how they are missing out on so much of that! The directors and nanies at the orphanage love them so much, and care for them well, and train them, and do so much for them, but its just not the same as a family. I want them here, I want it to be me that comforts them if they have a bad dream or a tummy ache. When we see the turkeys or deer running through the field and we all run to the window to watch, I want them to watch too...

We are now 1 year from the start of all of this, we are in love with these children, in debt with the bank, in prayer with God, in hope with the Haitian Government and the lawyer, in dispair watching them grow up without us, in denial when people tell us how long it usaully takes, in tears when family trips come around and we can't go, and in gratitude to Chris and Hal and His home for children for giving them safety and love while we cant, and we wait to bring them home.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thought I would tell you all about a great blog that I follow
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food and blogging

I am not a cook :) I am not a real avid blogger either. However I watched the movie Julie and Julia, and then I decided to make Julia Childs Boeuf Bourguignon and now I am blogging about it :)

I will sum up very quickly because as I said I am not a great cook or a great blogger ....

It is very very good, if you love beef, and it takes a LONG time to make...and your house, hiar, clothing, and pets will smell like it very STRONG for at least 1 day...I'll let you know if the smell is still lingering tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

those of you who know how haitian adoptions work will understand that this is a major thing :) GOOD news!! Today we got word that they have FOUND Davids mom's birth certificate. This is a really great thing because we now don't have to worry and wait for ID cards and all that...

Just a side note

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Skype day

So today was skype day. it was very short due to cloud coverage toady, but we got some updates. Davids ears are finally better and Christella had moved out of the toddler room and into one of the big girl rooms. :) You could tell this right off. She is dressed in the clothes I left for her once she got her own room now that she is able to have her "OWN" clothes. And her hair was sooo cute! In the toddler room the nannies keep it tight braided to her head, but today it was doen all cute like the bigger girls. Here is a picture, It was Great to see them.

The best part of her move is that she got to go to church with chris and hal and the big kids today !!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wow what a day

Last week I was negative about this trip.The things we were supposed to get done in one usually take months. I saw no way any human could accomplish it all in one week. I remember before we left I was praying the God would make what seems humanly impossible HAPPEN. That was my prayer more then once before we left. That and Please keep my children safe and watch over them while I can not.

Here is the list of things that needed to get done. 1 file our I 600 at the US embassy (DONE!) They even did our inerview and had us under oath promise that after bringing these children into the USA we would raise and care for them...2 file our adjudicate orphans first papers at embassy (DONE!) 3 Meet with Christellas uncle and 6 other people to have them sign stating that HE would be the person in charge of making all legal decisions on behalf of Christella (DONE!) meet with davids mom and christellas uncle and go with them to the courts for them to relinquish their rights as parents and give the rights over to us. (DONE) Whats left at this point? For us = NOTHING for our wonderful hard working lawyer and for Chris (the orphanage director) who gave SOO much of her time and efforts today = this (1) get the social study back from the social worker who has had it since June I think, but has not finished it because apparently she needs some of the papers that we went to file in court today....I have faith that we will Have this study this week if our lawyer has anything he can do about it...and (2) Submit the last 9 months of hard work and $$ into IBESR FINALLY!!!! Once it goes into IBESR they will look at it and say NO we do not approve you to adopt these kids because you are not 35 years old (jed is 32, I am 30 TODAY) then they will send us to the presidential office to get a waiver from him stating that we CAN adopt even though we don't meet the law, then he will send it back to IBESR and then they will approve it and send it through to Parquet, Parquet will approve it and legalize the act of adoption that we did in court today. then with a few more important people signing it we will go to get a passport and then a visa. We will not have to wait for anything when applying for the visa because all of the work will already be done thanks to the adjudicate orphans first papers we signed at the embassy today.

So today at the court Christellas uncle and Davids mom signed legal papers and answered questions stating that they WANT to give up their rights to these children and that they WANT Jediah and Amanda to be the new parents. It was hard not to get emotional. We asked Davids mom if she had any questions for us, she said no because she could see that we loved him, and that we would give him a good home. She did ask if we might let him come meet her when he turns 18? Of course we said we would 100% support him if he wanted to do this. If you know Jeds blog , check it out...

To me...the things that we got accomplished were weeks or months worth of work, not 1 days worth, this day was NOT HUMANly possible. We could not have done it alone, in the words of a great song....... to God alone be the glory, to God alone be the praise, everything I say or do, let it be all for you. the glory is yours alone.....yours alone

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

its official , I"m going to Haiti.
We leave Sunday. We get back Friday.
Donnie assures me that they will be Fine and I should just GO
he knows we need to get things moving....
I'm tired
I have mixed feelings about this trip
It will be nice to see the kids for sure. Mayybe David will take his first steps for us.
but we don't get to have them to ourselves like we do on family weeks
we will have to leave them at HIS when we go back to the hotel most likely
Our lawyer assures us that he is confident we can get a lot accomplished
This trip will take us into Haiti more than any other as we visit the courts and embassy and so on..
Haiti is not a fun place to tour, it is sad, really sad
I think I'll bring a backpack full of granola bars, to hand out when people come begging (grangu grangu....)hungry hungry... spelling???
did I mention I'm tired
Bella has been puking all day with fever
she is doing much better right now, I hope its over, I can't leave her with others if she is sick.
The kids should have fun,,,sleepovers with friends, a day with a amazing auntie, a afternoon with another :) and then a few nights with a woman who in all rights is total auntie, allrights except genetics...:) anothe day and night with grammy and grampy... so I really shouldn't worry about them at all...
but I have so much to do before I leave, and I'm tired

ok night
I'll post from Haiti

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

David is standing up :)

but he still has major ear infections
9 months is the same age Bella learned to stand

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Lydia

Deanna baby Lydia has been in the Hospital for a couple days now with pneumonia,No improvment yet, Pray for her. This concerns me for David and the other babies as well because apparently all the babes in the nursery are sick right now, and when we were on skype a couple of days ago, he was coughing.

The exception or the rule?

I try no to actually think about the adoption too often. About the kids=Yes, but the adoption=No.

EVERYTHING in this process had gone so perfect, so smoothly, to good to be true.

I.E. all the little details that fall into place,
from the FBI check in 8 DAYS!!!
to the fingerprinting for USCIS being done SAME DAY!! That does NOT happen!,
to the Haitian consulate conveniently being located RIGHT next to a Fed ex when we needed to overnight our Dossier to to lawyer.
How about the fact that we went down there to file our I 600 and even though we could NOT file at that time we found out that had we let the process continue on the path that it was on (Christella had the wrong last name and it would have caused HUGE problems later on, but was easily fixable at the early stage) we would have been in a world of hurt and delays.
And I could go on and on and on...seriously I could.
I think the most important factor in the perfection of everything so far was us finding our lawyer, he is AMAZING! I feel sooo blessed to have him working with us. I know that everyone says that who your lawyer is does not matter, but to us it REALLY does. Because he is more than a lawyer, he has become our friend, and that MAKES a diffrence.
He has picked up on every little thing that we could possibly need. I.E. again... our state ( Maine) does not require a FBI check to adopt, we would not have had one, then we would have arrived at that point in the adoption where the Haitian officials want to see it, and it would not be there, and don't think those officials would have called or written us, NOPE they would have put our file in a pile of other files that are not perfect and a year or so later when it was investigated, they would find out that Haiti was waiting for us to send our FBI check.
Or the fact that he said that Haitian officials will want to see that we are ready and waiting for our children, that we already have a relationship with them and they have a place in our home.
Because of this and his recommendations, we set up the childrens bedrooms perfect, and took pictures of them, and sent this with our dossier, along with a stack of pictures of us with the kids playing hugging and so on...
He submitted our files to MOFA about a week ago, and he is supposed to get them back in his hands the first week of September they said. Most lawyers don't ask for this information , they just drop off the papers and wait for a call saying they are ready. I am grateful to our lawyer for all he has done. He wants our children home with us like we do. He has made arrangements to meet my husband in Haiti for a week and go over details and work on meeting with the orphanage directors and finishing the last bit of the children s papers and bringing them over to IBESR at the end of the week (hopefully).

OK so all of this being said..Everything proceeding so great...I am always (every time I allow myself to mull it over) thinking, Are we the exception , or the rule?

What I mean by that is this..The rule Seems to be 3-4 years from Dossier submission to flying home with kids,,however there are exceptions! Some Do bring their kids home in as little as 12-24 months, no, really it happens!

Now if I allow myself to believe that we could be one of the exceptions than I could be very disappointed and depressed when that time comes and goes, but there is always that What IF?

What if instead of being safe when people ask the question "how long" for the hundredth time,,Instead of my normal answer of "at least 2 + years" I said "Maybe by Next Christmas" Maybe it is worth the possible disappointment to be able to just "HOPE"

And who knows, with people as amazing as the Nungesters caring/ guiding/and raising our children and a lawyer as amazing as our lawyer working hand in hand with them to do the behind the scenes work,,,, Maybe we CAN be the exception to the rule!!

Maybe that would be a nice prayer :)

God you led us here , I BELIEVE that with all my heart, please make us the exception to the rule...and help them know how much we love them before And when they come home to us.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Skype

I love skype. Amazing tool. Its great to see the kids, its also really sad. Everytime we see them on skype it means another 2 + weeks have passed. At least now we are officially in MOFA in first legalization. This often takes a while, we are hoping for the best. Maybe just a few weeks. David has 2 teeth on bottom now. The top 2 are allmost in according to Hal. David will be 9 months old tomorrow. Chirstella just turned 5 years 4 months on Friday. After all our HARD work getting all the paperwork finsihed and in the lawyers hand, we find out we are missing one. The POA letters. So we may be off to the Haitian consulate in Boston again tomorrow to seal those and overnight them to Cliff. Junior has found Christellas uncle and they now have a birth cert for her, so those items with our POA should get us moving quickly we hope. I am anxious to get into IBESR so that they can say NO to us and send us to wait in line for a presidental waiver. The GOLDEN TICKET!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

first tooth

Today we skyped with the kids. There are some helpers at the orphanage right now. A lady named Gabby was holding our kids durring the call. Thank yo to her. I asked about Davids teeth and she told me that he had 1. I asked this on my last call and the answer was no, so between 2 weeks ago and today my little boy got his first tooth. Not exactly a first tooth date, but at least I can write in his baby book that he got his first tooth at the end of july 2009.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

time time time

We got to talk to our babies today. Bella sang the ABC song with CHristella. We all sang Jesus love me together. We go ta few spoken words out of Christella. She looked sad to me. Tired maybe. David was drooling up a storm, must be teething. no teeth yet they said. I want to know more.. I can't find out if she is well, happy, healthy, if she has been having a good summer, what she did today, none of these little things. I love seeing them though, but I wish I could get some information with our calls. I worry abou them, are they eating/ sleeping/ growing well? Do they miss us, do they understand why we can't come to the next visit? WHen so many kids head out to the hotel with their parents, will they wonder why we didn't come? I love them, I miss them, and we haven't even started yet, as far as Haiti is concerned. Hopefully our paperwork will arrive in Haiti by the end of the month. Not likely , but hopfully.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me monday!!

ok here I go, my first attempt at a Not me blog...

OK so in the Monday morning frenzy to clean the house from the weekend mess I did NOT fill the dishwasher up without taking out the clean silverware because I didn't want to take the time to check every spoon and fork to see if it was clean before cleaning the rest of the diry dishes and I could not simply put away all the silverware without completely checking each peice. Before doing that I did NOT put on one of my husbands Many black t-shirts so that I could dye my hair without worrying about ruining one of my own t-shirts. And prior to that I did not give my youngest son cereal in a bowl that had just been used for cereal by my oldest son in order to save on dirtying dishes, that would NOT be hygenic so of course I would NOT do that. I also did NOT tell my children that they could not come out of their rooms until they were completely clean in order to get them OUT of the rest of the house so I could clean! After doing that I did NOT tell them they could have a popsicle before lunch (at lunch time) so that I could get them out of the house so I could finish cleaning in peace. And when I am finished here I am certainly NOT going to go to the gas station to get them nice cheap slush puppies so that I can go guilt free to get a fancy expensive coolata for myself ;) NOT me

Friday, June 12, 2009

Donnie the pilot

American airlines was very child friendly. They let Donnie in the cockpit on 2 diffrent planes. This Pilot on the right offered Donnie $10 for his turtle. Donnie wouldn't even think about it :) Soo the pilot told him to let the stewardess know that the pilot said he could have a free soda (which is funny because all soda is free on the plane )

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Christella then and now

November 2008 May 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

This is Ralph, one of the little boys we sponsor through Compassion, we were so please to get to meet him and play with him and get to know him and his mother while we were in Haiti. Such a amazing child. He loves school, he is soo greatful to get to go, he wants to be a doctor, and he is AMAZING at soccer

My baby

humble homes in Haiti

a brother and sister, maybe not through blood, but definitely through love. sleeping after a long day

when we tell everyone that they pile trash up on the sides of the roads...we are not kidding. Just piles of it everywhere, some burning, some floating, some just sitting there distroying the beautiful land that God created. Click the picture if you want details

a man and his animals up on a hill between port au prince and caberet ( I think)

Habiscus, my absolute favorite flower that last year, I didn't even know the name of. Why is it floating in a bucket?? Because I put it there, Why not :)

a woman on a street in cabaret

a little girl at an orphanage in caberet

So we went to the Baptist mission, and we thought we would go see the monkeys.....It started DOWNpouring and we ran into the closest covered area, which happened to be an empty monkey house...I never did make it to see the monkeys because after 20 min or so waiting out the rain in the monkey cage,,we found out that the group was in the car leaving and we had to get back to it rain or not and we ran up the hill through the ankle deep water to get to the car.

Here we are seconds before the has rained on and off, but not like this

Here is a street market outside the baptist mission.

The mission was amazing, we got to see very little of it because of the rain, but they had a church, a hospital, a restaurant, a bakery, a shop, a miny zoo, green houses, and more...

People bathing in the river/stream/mud/ run off? It made me sad to think that they are bathing in water, that if I got it spalshed on me I would go and take a bath...

My beautiful girl again

Haiti May 09 Photos

Our beautiful baby boy

Fresh coconut VIA machete

Our beautiful lovable girl

Friday, May 22, 2009

For pictures...

This is Jed.. Amanda asked me to post some pictures for her... however, Blogspot bytes! After about 20 minutes of trying to upload the pictures, it crapped out with an error. I set her up her own website, and her own blog server, her own domain ( and she still wanted to use Blogspot because it was 'prettier'... so, she'll have to settle with having me point you at my blog for pictures (which didn't die after 20 minutes of trying to upload).


Today we are visiting one of the boys we sponser through compassion. His name is Ralph, he is 8 years old. His mother and a compassion worker, and a trsanslater are here at the hotel with him. He loves soccer FotBall :) He is very very good at it. Donnie is learning a bit. Right now Donnie is feeding David a bottle. Soo cute. He is very attached to him. I'm thinking that I wont have to worry about my tears when we leave because I will be busy comforting Donnie.

Love you all back home

Thursday, May 21, 2009


where do these kids get there energy? I'm so tired, they are not at all. We woke up at 5 , went to the us embassy, tried to file our I 600. Did lanot file it because Christella doesn't have a birth cert. Social services said to file her birth cert in her uncles name, the usa immigration said NO he is not her dad, they wont accept a birth cert with her uncles name. BUT her dad is deceased and can't sign for her to get a birth cert UGHHHHH!!!! Owell its Haiti, we roll with it. And on top of that they think she has a heart arthmia, which the us considers a disability. We did not file our papers or homestudy for a child with a disability, therefore we may have to redo all those papers! O well its Haiti we roll with it. We went to the baptist mission up in the mountains today. We were on our way to see some mokeys when we were hit with a tropical rainstorm, so we took shelter in an empty monkey house (i'll post pictures soon) . now we are back, and sooo tired. I love you all back home, maybe I can do pictures tonight.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our trip to the ocean

I’m sooo tired tonight. Today we went to the beach, a 2 hour drive. We set a new record today I think. We fit 29 people in 1 van. It was CRAZY. Everybody was a good sport about it. Big time. Donnie was in sooo tight and he totally cooperated. I was very proud of him. I really want to post some pictures and write for a while, but we have no net in our room , so we have very limited internet time. Monday we got in, in the afternoon and went straight to HIS home, then here to the hotel , then bed mostly. Tuesday we spent the day here swimming. Today was the beach. That’s it for now. I love you all back home. I’ll have time to blog a lot hopefully Saturday. We have the whole day here at the hotel with no plans. I miss you sooo much Brae and Bella.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No internet connection in our room...

Things have been very busy. I will blog as soon as possible. For quick updates read Jed's blog...

All is well, having fun.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leaving today!!

We will keep everyone posted with daily updates when ever possible :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

The bedrooms

Ok so our lawyer has been informing us of anything that the Haiti officials might like to see. Because everything helps. And he told us that they really like it when they can see a place for the children prepared in the family home. So he asked us to take pictures of their beds that are set up for them. Welll hmmmmm we didn't have them set up yet, its till very soon for this. BUT a little shopping, a lot of work, and a bit of fun later, and here are the final pictures of the kids rooms. All ready for them to move in.

Will we tuck them into these beds in a year? Probably not a chance,,
2 years? PURHAPS :)
3 years? If need be, we will still be ready and waiting for them.

And it helps make it more real for the kids. I love hearing Bella say "Brae , your messing up Christellas bed"


I called the orphanage director this morning about a few things, and she informed me that the baby is just recovering from Malaria. She said that the worst is over, and he has been treated for it. But that he lost a lot of weight, and he is having a hard time eating still, so not putting the weight on very quickly.

This would be a hard thing if you had a mommy and daddy to cuddle you non stop, and hold you, and Dr's readily available. But we can not do any of this. Chris and Hal are doing a amazing job I am sure. They took him out of the nursery and have been caring for him in their apt. Thank You both, your amazing.

When someone becomes infected with malaria, he or she develops fever, chills, sweats, and a wide variety of other symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and cough, shortness of breath, and neurological abnormalities.

Most people who are adequately treated for malaria will have a full recovery

Well we get to hold him in less than 2 weeks.

Skype again

Christella blew us a kiss And gave us the I love you sign :) David sat there looking adorable.
2 weeks from RIGHT now we will be in Miami boarding the plane for Haiti.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Today is a historical moment in this house. Donnie lost his first tooth! Ok so that might not seem lik e abig deal at all to some. But if you knew Donnie, you would be rejoicing :) After a HUGE crying fit on a playground 3 weeks ago where the tooth was bumped and loosened a bit, to now when I slipped a floss around it and gave a gentle tug and out it popped with no resistance at all. I had been waiting pateintly but could wait no longer. You see Donnie is afraid of blood, even the tiny amount that comes from a papercut will get a scary reaction. And I could picture the whole scene in my mind. Us boarding the airport to Haiti, Donnie tripping while carrying his backpack and pulling a suitcase, and out comes the tooth, and all of the sudden the surprise and the blood would cause the world as he knows it to end. And everybody on the plane would would think that there was a major problem and strt to panic and the airport would evacuate, and air travel would cease due to prending inverstagation of what is wrong on our flight.

Ok so that might be a little dramatic, but there would be more screaming then when he got his traveling immunization, which could be heard 2 towns away.

Ok so I am relieved to say the least, and you know what, after all the worry on his part, he admits it didn't even hurt. And the tooth fairy was smart wnough to buy a tooth present beforehand while awaiting this moment, a pokemon stuffed animal.



sure do love them

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I 171 :)

After running out to the mailbox everyday for 3 weeks to look for our I 171 we finally recieved it today :)

This means we should be able to file our I 600 while in Haiti next month :)

I still would have to ask any doubters , if God is not directing this process, then how did we get our FBI fingerprint check in only 8 days instead of the normal 6 weeks - 6 months... And How did we recieve our I 171 in 3 weeks and 3 days when the average right now for our local office states to expect 3 months? That doesn't even take into account all of the little coincidences that seem to keep happening. I know the odds are stacked against us with the silly laws going on, and I know that it is a long hard process, but I have to believe that this is truely what we are supposed to be doing in our lives right now, and I am happy :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jeds blog

So I told Jed that I copied his blog into mine and he said
"copy cat"
so I stuck out my tounge
and he said
"why don' t you point them to my blog"
and I said
"I willl"
and then I stuck my tounge out at him again


So if your interested here it is

Keep in mind that his blog is about many things,,and lots of them not simple,,it hurts my head sometimes to read his blog,,,just listening to him talk about deep philosophy, and doctine, and MATH!!! makes my head hurt, but if you like those type of thing, and I know that many people do, then you might enjoy Jeds blog
Anything I would write would just be retyping what Jed has for those of you reading my blog that have not read his, here is the info from our Lawyer tonight,

He has proved himself to be a wonderful lawyer, who seems to research everything and provide us with all the information good and bad, He has agreed to work with us dispite the fact that we like SOOO MANY other people adopting from Haiti, do not meet there basic standards, this is what Jed wrote based on the info from our lawyer...

"To adopt in Haiti one spouse must be 35 years of age, and if you one isn’t 35 years of age, you must have been married for 10 or more years. You must have no biological children, and you must be 19 years older than the child you are adopting.
Herein lies our problem.

Even though we’ve been married for over ten years, I am 31, Amanda is 29 – strike 1.
Even though the oldest child we are wanting to adopt is 5, so Amanda is 24 and I am almost 26 years older respectively, we have 3 biological children – strike 2.

Our attorney said that with both of these issues going against us, he would highly recommend us waiting until I reach 35 (4 more years) before we begin to adopt from Haiti, as the probability of our adoption taking an ‘indefinite amount of time’ is very high; and the possibility of being denied is very strong.
When looking at our adoption process, we have already spent months of dedicated time in preparing our family and our home and our paperwork for our adoption of our two Haitian children, and have invested unmentionable amounts of money just to get to the point of submitting our paperwork to the Haitian government.
We have invested time, emotion and love into our someday-to-be-children, felt the heartache of watching these two little children through the video screen of a computer, and wanting nothing more than to hold them in our arms, to give them the love and comforts that their biological parents could not give them. We’ve shed many, many tears thinking about how long it would be before they were safe at home with us, and how much hurt (especially our older girl) has gone through in loosing both her parents to death, and wanting to be there to comfort that pain and fill that emptiness.
We knew it was going to be tough, and yet, no one has actually quantified how tough it really was going to be for us to walk this road. The pain of possibility of year after year just waiting, and hoping; the possibility that even after all this we might be rejected. The fact that our little children will be sitting and waiting without parents to tuck them in at night during this whole time we fight for their future.
So now we’re supposed to walk away? I’m left numb, and disillusioned and saddened. Why would God send us here, just to find a dead-end road.
Surely we will take His hand and allow Him to lead us, and open doors in His time, in His time. He has brought us here, He will make a way!
As Antoine De Saint-Exupéry states: You risk much weeping if you allow yourself to be tamed. :~("

SO basically Haiti has strict laws in their Old adoption law or 1974,, they have in recent years NOT followed these laws, they have been far more lenient, but recently a new director decided that they would now follow all of these laws, so anyone not meeting the criteria will now have to get a presidental waiver in order to adopt. In the past years they have been following other criteria that has been refered to as the "working law" insted of the "actual law" so basically they have been having meetings to try to turn the "working law" into the "actual law" and there are hundreds of families waiting for approval and praying that this will happen. Presidental wavers are just a fancy term for the president desiding that regardless of the law we would be a good family for this child, and then writing that on paper and giving it to the proper people. I have seen many of these waiting close to a year with no approval yet, and some that have recieved approval in only a few months. But the bottom line is that the answer could come as a denial. I have not heard of denials, only unanswered pending cases, but maybe no answer means denial... either way... we are in it, and thats that, and if it takes 4 years then Jed will meet the age requirment and thats one less worry anyway. So we will pray and wait and see, and visit when we can and talk to them every other week for 10 min on skype.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It is a very sucessful Skype when Christella actually responds to us in some way :) and as you can see here with her waving to Bella, She responded today,,,She also nodded at us when when we talked about shells at the beach and if she remembers getting them. Normally she doesn't respond much, I don;t think she understand the whole skype thing at all, it weird for her to see us in a screen.

Braeden was playing peek a boo with Jeddie/David, but he was too interested in getting Hals attention to nitice :)

Weither they look at us or respond to us or not, they are beautiful beyond words. I can't wait until next month when we get to see them.