Monday, January 26, 2009

Just found this picture in a album from one of the parents that visited the orphanage this month :)

Friday, January 23, 2009


The stress this past week was more than I expected. I cleaned and organized and prepared for the homestudy, I was really nervous. Our homestudy worker doesn't often approve people to adopt more than one child at a time especially if they are not related. We met with her from about 9:45 AM - 2:15 PM. We laughed and chatted and it was not at all what I thought it would be. We still have to do our individual interviews before she can write the report, but she told us today that she had "no concerns" she said that she would prefer the girls come home one at a time as soon as they are individually approved and not wait for each other to be approved, because then they will each get indivual time to adjust to the family and vice versa, but even if they can only come home at the same time that wouldn't affect her decision, she thinks we are well prepared and she is not worried about us adopting 2 children.

WOW!!! what a relief :)

Build a Bear

So this past Monday we took the kids to Build a Bear where we had fun working on the gifts we are bringing to Haiti from the kids to the girls. We had designed a bear in PJs for Julia and we went back and chose a bunny for Christella. The kids had fun and recorded their voices saying "we love you julia/Christella" So now the girls will have a cuddly friend to remind them of us after we leave.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Off to translator !

Yeah Last night I made copies of all the papers we have so far (all but 4) and sent them off to the translator. Just another of many steps along the long road. Our translator is going to translate all of them and put them on a disk so that we can print off what we need. Once we get the rest of the documents to her then we will be done that step. We plan on driving to Augusta and getting our state seal, then I am really really hoping that we will have time to drive to the consulate in Boston before our trip to get them sealed there. Not sure if we will have time for this step, but we could bring our kids and get them involved. If everything goes perfectly then we will have our completed dossier to bring with us to Haiti in Feb.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here are Christella, and Julie(Julia) Our Haitian flowers

How it began

On November 30, 2008 Jeremiah Palangeo a missionary from Kenya came to our church in Pittsfield, Maine to visit us and speak to us.

Our church has been involved with this organization for some time now, but we have not had the priveledge of meeting him until Nov 08. He spoke to us about the poverty and politics in Kenya. We saw slides of children, poor children, hungry children. We went downstairs after church to meet him. He prayed with us, about our family and our marraige. He prayed that God would guide us in the decisions we were going to make. What decisions? When we left chruch we were both taken by surprise with the idea to adopt a child. We started looking online at the older children that were available. We both found the same little girl named Jasmine. When we inquired about her from an agency in USA they told us that she was at an orphanage in Haiti. We had already narrored down the country we wanted to adopt from, It was going to be Haiti or Ethiopia. They told us the name of the orphanage and we found their website. That was it, thats what we wanted. It turned out that Jasmine might already be taken they said, and that since she as older then our oldest child it might not be a good idea to adopt her. We dialed the Ohio # that was listed for the orphanage. The lady that picked up was the mother of the missionarys that started and run the orphanage. She told me that the couple was coming to the states for the holiday and that the wife would be arriving the next day. I made plans to call her on a wednesday evening and talk to her. I thought it would be a quick call , but I was on the phone for allmost 2 hours. She was so full of information and advise. She told us about 2 little girls that had just arrived at the Orphanage. One was 1 and a half years old and her mom gave her up and the other was 4 and a half and her parents had both died and her aunt and uncle brought her in because they could not afford another mouth to feed. We thought about it, and waited for more information and pictures and what not, and we decided first on the younger girl, not long after we decided that they were both meant for us. Their names are Christella and Julie and they are our little Haitian flowers. We are going to see them, meet them, love them, and hold them for the first time next month. EVERYTHING about this process has been perfect, it has just fallen into place. If we need a form, then the form is made available. If we need an appointment, their is a space available. If we need advise, we find someone who has the answers. Our first serious thought about adoption was Nov 30, 2008. We started paperwork in the middle of December. It is now Jan 20th 2009 and we have allmost our whole dossier ready for translating and state seals. Less than 2 months! Our goal is to have it all ready and bring it with us in Feb. Then the wait will begin.