Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A few more pictures

Fabienne ( a very special girl who might be available for adoption soon)

(Christella Rachael Our little girl)

Ti Fi

This little tiny girl was found in December in the trash. She was only 3lbs, and she had sores from rat bites on her hands and feet. She was found and brough to Chris at HIS home. She is now thriving and beautiful. Such an amazing thing that a baby who was thrown out like trash will be the answer to someones prayers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

some of the toddlers watching us leave

orphanage day

Today we spent the day at the orphanage. It, like every other thing we have done here was amazing. Kids everywhere, begging for your attention. Pulling on your shirt, reaching in your pockets, climbing and hanging on you. The toddler room had about 20 or so kids, the baby room was similar. We sorted and packaged birthday presents for all the kids in the first quarter birthday. I tried to get a picture of every child that was there for their parents who miss them back home. I hope I did. Then we came back and celebrated the girls birthday with a cake we picked up at a local bakery. And then we blew bubbles. I'm too tired to write much so I will point you to Jeds blog, who wrote most of everything that I would have written.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beach in Haiti ouanga bay

here are some coconuts we found. I put them under this tree with the shells we found.

Ok wow, too much to tell yet again. It took about 1-2 hours to get to the beach. I think we had 15 adults and about that many kids CRAMMED into a van a little bigger then my mini van. Christella got sick and puked on me 5 times on the way there. A car is a totally foriegn object to her. The van smelled of vomit. The sweat was everywhere, everyone had someone sitting on them, and the smell of burning trash was everywhere. We took an interstate that the UN had just reopoened, they had it closed because of all the kidnappings last year. And then we went up a road called Ambush alley. Wow what a day people, ran up to the van selling stuff, we bought fried bananas. OK But heres the catch, was all worth it, the puke, the garbage, the pot holes, the horses running down the street next to the van (that was cool). The beach was amazing, the water was soooo warm, Shells everywhere, you didn't hardly have to look they were just everywhere. Christella loved the water, Fabienne tolerated it for a few min. The sun has just been BLeaching the top of my head, sooo weird looking, not cute little highlights, but dark everywhere and then very light right on top. I am smooshing the sunblock on me repeatedly, but I am still so red.

Anyway today was amazing, I even FOUND coconuts on the beach that had dropped.

Tomorrow is the day at the Orphanage and Friday we are supposed to go to the market i think.
We just got here and its allmost time to come home.
ok off to bed

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok as promised here is the update :) Today we woke up and had baths (or at least the haitian equivilent) and then we went down to the pool and had fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Then we spent allmost the whole day outside by the pool. We didn't swim , but we sat by the side dangling our feet for so long,,,and they were happy, really happy, just to sit for huge amounts of time and dangle their feet. I just don't need to amuse them at all, it is so foriegn to me, we sit, we cuddle, we color, we walk, and giggle. I took a stab at these cute hairstyles for the first time. I think i did well. Christella sat very calm and loved that I was doing it, she picked out purple beads. I got a huge sunburn. it deosn't hurt, but it probably will. It was my own dumb fault for not wearing sunblock starting at sun up. At home you can go block free untill close to noon with no issue, NOT HERE!!! I learned my lesson, tomorrow I wake up and apply the block. The girls also don't seem to care what they eat, they just eat, all of whatever you give them usaully. Tonight we skyped with the families. The girls love us, they hug and kiss us. They follow us around. So cute We talked to Donnie and Brae and Bella, and the girls said hi donnie, hi brae, hi bella, Fabienne tries to talk when she feels like it, Christella will repeat allmost anything we ask her to. Tonight at dusk we saw the geckos come out, soo many of them, soo cute. They swarm around the lights and catch moths. OK MY BOYS, Here are the gecko pictures I promised..Ok the girls are sleeping, and I want to eat now, so I will upload a few photos and then get off.

Monday, February 9, 2009

our first meeting with the girls

Christella on the left Fabienne on the right in orange

Ti Christella

We are Here!!!

I can only write for a min. because we have had a crazy day, and now its bedtime. We got up this morning (which seems like days ago) and left from Boston airport, we flew into Miami where we had a delay because something was wrong with the plane, and then got to Haiti around 5:30. We got off the plane outside and walked in and went through cutoms and got our bags and followed the man helpin gus out to find someone from HIS home. Outside we saw Hal waiting for us just like we were told he would be. We got in the car and thats when it was unbeleavable. For one thing, there are dogs everywhere. Sickly starving looking dogs raoming the streets even at the airport. Next thing was the road were not roads. They do have fairly normal roads in places, but the short cuts we were taking to avoid traffic were not roads AT ALL!!! CRAZY wow. We would drive at a extrrem angle through dirt alleys, just when we would think that there was no way we were getting over the next ditch/hole/big huge bump in front of us, we would climb right over/through with no more hard then griding noises as the jeep complained. We got to the hotel and drove through a garded gate and into the compound. We got out and started trying to figure out exactly what we were supposed to do and then she came up to me and started huggung me, big outstretched arms. She wasn't scared or shy at all, she just squeezed me :) She is BEAUTIFUL!!! They also brought Fabienne to stay the night with us, she was just as loving. VERY quiet, her little lips are the most perfect lips you could imagine, like someone painted them on. Just to clarify Christella is ours and we are hoping to adopt a second child as well. We are going to visit with children this week while here and hopfully we will know what we should do. Fabienne is a sweetie and we have inquired about adopting her, but as of right now she is not available because she has gradparents and the orphanage is waiting to hear from them about weither or not they can find her a adoptive family or she will live with them. It should be decided by the end of the month. OK so now both girls are slleping soundly on a mattress next to the bed, and I will post some pictures of our amazing day. PS i miss my babies back home.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We leave tomorrow

We are excited and nervous. Everything will be soo diffrent from what we know. I will be updating daily if I can. So if your interested then...stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Todays photo shoot

Ok here are a few more I took today.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some new pictures of Bella. We bought 3 of this dress for Bella, Christella, and Julia

I found these pictures in a folder Julie posted of her trip in January. These are the best pictures we have so far of Christella. Cute huh?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Julias mom came back

Julias mom came back to the orphanage and took her. We knew it could happen, but that doesn't help me feel any better. Apparently her deceased fathers family found out that she had been brought to the orphanage and decided that they wanted her. And if they can care for her and she can still be involved with her mother than she should be ok. I'll be sad tonight, but tomorrow I'll only think about how big her smile must have been leaving in her mommys arms.
Yesterday we got to skype with our girls again. Julia was being very grumpy and very shy. She cuddled into Hal and clung to him and wouldn't let go. She kept peeking at us out of the corner of her eye when she thought we wouldn't notice. I think she has 1/3 tired baby, 1/3 typical 2 year old, and 1/3 attitude :) She will fit right in in our home.
Christella was as quiet as usaul. She seems to be so mild and sweet. She doesn't seem to have any attitude at all (allthough I'm sure there must be some) She always tries to respond to what we say. She sang us the ABC song (way too quiet for us to hear, but we love it anyway) and then we asked her what her favorite color was, it took us 3 times asking before we realized that she was answering us, she was pointing to my purple shirt. Its less then a week before we get to meet them and hold them. Less then 2 weeks before we will come back home knowing them and loving them more, but leaving them behind. I'm so thankful that we'll get to talk to them 2 * each month so we can stay connected. I love skype. That is soo much more then soo many adoptive parents get to do with their children. And maybe we'll get to go again.


Saturday I was at grammy's with the kids and Braeden brought his Legos. He showed grammy his Lego creation and grammy said "thats cool beans!" and he said "No grammy, its legos"

The kid cracks me up

He went on very seriously to tell her that it is NOT a toy it is Legos

He takes his legos very seriously