Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wahoo!!! We found out a couple weeks ago that we needed a FBI background check with fingerprints done before we send in our dossier because our state doesn't require it for the homestudy so we had to have it done ourselves. And we were told it could take up to 6 months. So we had it done and sent the in fed ex to FBI last Monday and we got them back TODAY!! 8 DAYS! Now we can FINALLY have the papers stamped and sealed and send them in, I feel like singing. Oh and I did easter pictures of my kiddos today. here are a couple.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy today

I just spoke to Chris at the Orphanage and she was telling me that 2 nights ago she was awoken up at 3:30 AM and went out to check on the noise she was hearing and it was our Baby boy wrestling with his teddy bear. She said that he was giggling and laughing over and over while he played with a bear he just got. She said she just stood there and watched him because it was soo cute. Apparently he loves this bear, he grabs it and chews on it, and they have an extra pacifier tied around its neck :) And she said that Christella is learning so fast. That her teacher keeps commenting on how very smart she is because she is picking up on everything so fast. I could see that myself when I was there, you show her soemthing once and she has it down. I can't wait to see them again.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yeah :) skype

We got to talk to our babies for 10 min tonight. They are sooo beautiful and I am so thankful to Chris and Hal for providing the opportunity to see them twice a month. It is so much more then so many parent get to see of the little ones they are adopting.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well we waited eagerly after church into early afternoon untill it was time to skype, but the cloud cover in Haiti today was too thick to get a satalite signal good enough for video conferencing. We are hoping that the weather will be better and we will get to see our babies tomorrow evening.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I can not stop thinking about these 2 today. I just want to hold them. We get to skype with them tomorrow, but i'm still not sure how much they understand about it. I knwo the baby will not understand any of it. But I am hoping that by now Christella has gotten our pictures and letters and maybe understands a bit more. I miss them so much

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

another note

Davids mother is still alive he is not an orphan, therefore there is always the risk of her taking him back like Julie mom did last month. We will be hoping and praying durring this long process that this will not happen, and that he will come home to us.

on another note

Fabiennes grandmother did not come to the family visit and release her to be adopted, and therefore this beautiful little girl is still not able to find a family yet. Please pray for her. It would be good for her to live with her grandmother who would be able to take good care of her, but so far she has not taken her, but she also seems unwilling to allow someone else to adopt her. It is very sad for her because although Chris and Hal care for her amazingly well, and give her Lots of love, its still not quite the same as growing up in your own family with your own mama and papa.


So remember about 4 posts back when I typed this " If God plans on another child coming to live with us then I"m sure he will let us know with that undeniable feeling he put in our hearts before."

Well as of today Christella will be at H.I.S. home with her little brother. His name is currently David and he is 3 and a half months old. We spent time with David while we were in Haiti but didn't know at that time that he was going to be our little boy. When we got home from Haiti and were trying to make the hard decision about adopting a second child we saw David on the website as unavailable and so we thought he had very quickly found a family. Recently in talking to Chris I found out that he was still needing a family, and the website was in error. She said soemthing along the lines of "the website was in error so that no one whould inquire about him because God was saving him for us" or something to that effect :) Before we left Donovan was praying that we might find a little brother to adopt as well :) So the kids are all very excited about this and Chris assured me that Christella would be as well, because they love having sibling at the orphanage. While at the orphanage he will be called David, but when he get here he will be called Jed.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

one more laugh before bed

Every night Braeden wakes up and has to use the bathroom BAD...he doesn't realize this usaully, he usaully just gets up on his knees still in bed and starts bouncing, I hear the bouncing and bring him potty, then he goes right back to bed and falls asleep.

well the other night this happened and I walked in and tried (same as every night) to wake him, I say "Brae brae lets go use the potty", and he insists that he doesn't have to , I say "yes you do," he says "no I dont",, any way I took him and he REALLY Had to go, like barely make it in time have to go,,,after he was done , still half asleep, he said to me

"See....I told you..." and I started cracking up :)

then yesterday the same thing happened with the hopping and I went in, and so on, and after he went potty he said to me

"mama ...HOW do you ALWAYS know these thing?"

the kid is a riot :)

Amazing children

thats desert all over him, not dirt :)

Today Brae amazed me yet again with his artistic abilities. The kid is an artist! No doubt, anyway tonight he showed me his snail he made out of legos, he comes up with the cutest lego creations. Always something new, always perfect. Maybe to some it is just a snail, but to me its amazing...We were telling him how amazing he is at creating things and he said to us "that because thats my gift " :) cute huh,,,

Donnie was recently asking us what his "Gift" is, he said "God gave everyone a gift, what is mine" soon after he realized that one of his Gifts is with words. He can spell allmost any word you give him, if not acurate then pretty close to it, and he loves poems like where the sidewalk ends, and it is very important to him how things sound, he will correct you and say that something doesn't sound good that way, you should say it more like this... He also seem to have a knack for languages, he has been working a bit with the rosetta stone french program, this is not something we are forcing him to do, this is something he come to us and asks to do,,,"can I work on my french program?"

Bella is a little too young yet to see where her talents will be, but when she finds her interests we will encourage and support them the best we can.

I can't wait to see what these kids end up doing with their lives.....


I know some have been curious about who we are adopting. I thought I would and explain our decision breifly. We went down knowing only that we are adopting Christella. We met other children, and spent the week with Christella and Fabienne. It was a wonderful week. In the end we had to make a decision, and the decision was really hard.

Right now our decision is that we are only adopting Christella.

It is always possible that this decision will change.

It could be within the process of bringing Christella home that we feel that there is another child meant for us as well.

It could be 5 years after she comes home that we feel like we have annother child out there.

Or it could be that she completes our family and we don't ever adopt again after she comes home.

All we know is that She is OURs and that feeling is deep, and that she is the only child that we did not give birth to that we feel that way about.

We never planned on adopting, but here we are in love with this little girl, so clearly its not about OUR plans. If God plans on another child coming to live with us then I"m sure he will let us know with that undeniable feeling he put in our hearts before.

I love that God has plans for my life that I"m not aware of yet.

Its scary thinking how diffrent life would be today if my plans had come to pass. If they had then Donna and I would have married twin brothers, and then moved into matching houses next door to each other and had kids at the same time who would one day get married and we would FINALLY be legally related! (in laws would have to do since we can't legally be sisters)

Sorry Donna, but I'm glad we didn't marry twins and move into identicle houses on the same road. I now see how boring that would be. However I'm still ok with our kids getting married someday part :)

On a side note...we will always love Fabienne and feel close to her regardless of what her grandparents decide her future will be. She is a very special little girl. If she does end up being adopted then I truely hope her and Christella can remain good friends through the years :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Christella

Our girl is 5 years old today. I can't wait till we can celebrate here at our house with her and all of our friends and family.