Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I 171 :)

After running out to the mailbox everyday for 3 weeks to look for our I 171 we finally recieved it today :)

This means we should be able to file our I 600 while in Haiti next month :)

I still would have to ask any doubters , if God is not directing this process, then how did we get our FBI fingerprint check in only 8 days instead of the normal 6 weeks - 6 months... And How did we recieve our I 171 in 3 weeks and 3 days when the average right now for our local office states to expect 3 months? That doesn't even take into account all of the little coincidences that seem to keep happening. I know the odds are stacked against us with the silly laws going on, and I know that it is a long hard process, but I have to believe that this is truely what we are supposed to be doing in our lives right now, and I am happy :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jeds blog

So I told Jed that I copied his blog into mine and he said
"copy cat"
so I stuck out my tounge
and he said
"why don' t you point them to my blog"
and I said
"I willl"
and then I stuck my tounge out at him again


So if your interested here it is

Keep in mind that his blog is about many things,,and lots of them not simple,,it hurts my head sometimes to read his blog,,,just listening to him talk about deep philosophy, and doctine, and MATH!!! makes my head hurt, but if you like those type of thing, and I know that many people do, then you might enjoy Jeds blog
Anything I would write would just be retyping what Jed has for those of you reading my blog that have not read his, here is the info from our Lawyer tonight,

He has proved himself to be a wonderful lawyer, who seems to research everything and provide us with all the information good and bad, He has agreed to work with us dispite the fact that we like SOOO MANY other people adopting from Haiti, do not meet there basic standards, this is what Jed wrote based on the info from our lawyer...

"To adopt in Haiti one spouse must be 35 years of age, and if you one isn’t 35 years of age, you must have been married for 10 or more years. You must have no biological children, and you must be 19 years older than the child you are adopting.
Herein lies our problem.

Even though we’ve been married for over ten years, I am 31, Amanda is 29 – strike 1.
Even though the oldest child we are wanting to adopt is 5, so Amanda is 24 and I am almost 26 years older respectively, we have 3 biological children – strike 2.

Our attorney said that with both of these issues going against us, he would highly recommend us waiting until I reach 35 (4 more years) before we begin to adopt from Haiti, as the probability of our adoption taking an ‘indefinite amount of time’ is very high; and the possibility of being denied is very strong.
When looking at our adoption process, we have already spent months of dedicated time in preparing our family and our home and our paperwork for our adoption of our two Haitian children, and have invested unmentionable amounts of money just to get to the point of submitting our paperwork to the Haitian government.
We have invested time, emotion and love into our someday-to-be-children, felt the heartache of watching these two little children through the video screen of a computer, and wanting nothing more than to hold them in our arms, to give them the love and comforts that their biological parents could not give them. We’ve shed many, many tears thinking about how long it would be before they were safe at home with us, and how much hurt (especially our older girl) has gone through in loosing both her parents to death, and wanting to be there to comfort that pain and fill that emptiness.
We knew it was going to be tough, and yet, no one has actually quantified how tough it really was going to be for us to walk this road. The pain of possibility of year after year just waiting, and hoping; the possibility that even after all this we might be rejected. The fact that our little children will be sitting and waiting without parents to tuck them in at night during this whole time we fight for their future.
So now we’re supposed to walk away? I’m left numb, and disillusioned and saddened. Why would God send us here, just to find a dead-end road.
Surely we will take His hand and allow Him to lead us, and open doors in His time, in His time. He has brought us here, He will make a way!
As Antoine De Saint-Exupéry states: You risk much weeping if you allow yourself to be tamed. :~("

SO basically Haiti has strict laws in their Old adoption law or 1974,, they have in recent years NOT followed these laws, they have been far more lenient, but recently a new director decided that they would now follow all of these laws, so anyone not meeting the criteria will now have to get a presidental waiver in order to adopt. In the past years they have been following other criteria that has been refered to as the "working law" insted of the "actual law" so basically they have been having meetings to try to turn the "working law" into the "actual law" and there are hundreds of families waiting for approval and praying that this will happen. Presidental wavers are just a fancy term for the president desiding that regardless of the law we would be a good family for this child, and then writing that on paper and giving it to the proper people. I have seen many of these waiting close to a year with no approval yet, and some that have recieved approval in only a few months. But the bottom line is that the answer could come as a denial. I have not heard of denials, only unanswered pending cases, but maybe no answer means denial... either way... we are in it, and thats that, and if it takes 4 years then Jed will meet the age requirment and thats one less worry anyway. So we will pray and wait and see, and visit when we can and talk to them every other week for 10 min on skype.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It is a very sucessful Skype when Christella actually responds to us in some way :) and as you can see here with her waving to Bella, She responded today,,,She also nodded at us when when we talked about shells at the beach and if she remembers getting them. Normally she doesn't respond much, I don;t think she understand the whole skype thing at all, it weird for her to see us in a screen.

Braeden was playing peek a boo with Jeddie/David, but he was too interested in getting Hals attention to nitice :)

Weither they look at us or respond to us or not, they are beautiful beyond words. I can't wait until next month when we get to see them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chunky baby :)

Ok so David/Jeddie is about 5 months old, so I have been collecting a few little things here and there for our trip, mostly 3-6 month clothes. I spoke to Chris recently, and she said she has him in 9!!!! month clothing, she said I should bring at least 6-9 month sizes, she even mentioned 12 month sizes ...back to square 1. LOL None of my babies here were ever chunky, they have always been tiny, like bottom of the growth chart tiny. I love chunky babies He must be soo cute.

And I am putting together a suitcase full of stuff for Christella for when she moves into the big girls rooms. Once she moves out of the toddler room she will be allowed to have clothes and items that are just her special things. So I am going to bring 2 fleece light weight blankets, and 2 sets of sheets, and 2 dresses for church, and 2 sets of clothes, plus some laminated pictures of us with her and of the kids here. So that she can have them hung by her bed. I would love it if she has a room by the time we go so that I can help her set it up. But we'll have to wait and see. The rooms are all full right now ( 8 big girls per room) so right now she is still with the toddlers.

Ok thats my thoughts for now. 4 weeks and 4 days until we leave :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

skype 4-5-09

Friday, April 3, 2009

The shack again

Ok so now I have finished the book. It is a good one. Read it.
It help to answer the question of where is God in a world full of hurt and pain?
Really you can insert your own experiences into it,,,,Where is God in a country like Haiti with soo many children starving and dying? Where is God in the life of a child who is born with HIV from their parents? What did that child ever do, where is God, doesn't he care?
The book offers some very helpful ways of thinking through these questions. The story is about a man whos little girl is murdered and is invited 4 years later to come meet with God at the scene of the crime.
Wanna check it out before you read it

I feel that movies made from books fall terribly short of the full story, but have a power to reach many more people then a book alone, so I look forward to when they release this book as a movie.

and now I'm off to do 2 days worth of dishes (thats how long I took to read the book :)

The shack

Some amazing quotes from this book..

You have to read it if you get a chance.. and if you dont GET the chance you should let the dishes go dirty and let the floor go unvacumed and make the chance.

"Dont ever discount the wonder of your tears. They can be healing waters and a stream of Joy. Sometimes they are the best words that the heart can speak"

About the 10 commandments
"why did you give us the 10 coomandments?"
"we wanted you to give up trying to be rightous on your own" :it was a mirror to reveal how filthy your face gets when you try to live independently"
"there is no mercy or grace in rules, that is why Jesus fulfilled all of it for you- so that it no longer had jurisdiction over you"
" the law that once contained impossible demands--"thou shal not" actually becomes a promise we (father son spirit)fulfill in you"
"trying to kee the law is actually a declaration of independence, a way of keeping control"
"rules can not bring freedom they only have the power to accuse" "move from law to grace"

more later