Friday, May 29, 2009

This is Ralph, one of the little boys we sponsor through Compassion, we were so please to get to meet him and play with him and get to know him and his mother while we were in Haiti. Such a amazing child. He loves school, he is soo greatful to get to go, he wants to be a doctor, and he is AMAZING at soccer

My baby

humble homes in Haiti

a brother and sister, maybe not through blood, but definitely through love. sleeping after a long day

when we tell everyone that they pile trash up on the sides of the roads...we are not kidding. Just piles of it everywhere, some burning, some floating, some just sitting there distroying the beautiful land that God created. Click the picture if you want details

a man and his animals up on a hill between port au prince and caberet ( I think)

Habiscus, my absolute favorite flower that last year, I didn't even know the name of. Why is it floating in a bucket?? Because I put it there, Why not :)

a woman on a street in cabaret

a little girl at an orphanage in caberet

So we went to the Baptist mission, and we thought we would go see the monkeys.....It started DOWNpouring and we ran into the closest covered area, which happened to be an empty monkey house...I never did make it to see the monkeys because after 20 min or so waiting out the rain in the monkey cage,,we found out that the group was in the car leaving and we had to get back to it rain or not and we ran up the hill through the ankle deep water to get to the car.

Here we are seconds before the has rained on and off, but not like this

Here is a street market outside the baptist mission.

The mission was amazing, we got to see very little of it because of the rain, but they had a church, a hospital, a restaurant, a bakery, a shop, a miny zoo, green houses, and more...

People bathing in the river/stream/mud/ run off? It made me sad to think that they are bathing in water, that if I got it spalshed on me I would go and take a bath...

My beautiful girl again

Haiti May 09 Photos

Our beautiful baby boy

Fresh coconut VIA machete

Our beautiful lovable girl

Friday, May 22, 2009

For pictures...

This is Jed.. Amanda asked me to post some pictures for her... however, Blogspot bytes! After about 20 minutes of trying to upload the pictures, it crapped out with an error. I set her up her own website, and her own blog server, her own domain ( and she still wanted to use Blogspot because it was 'prettier'... so, she'll have to settle with having me point you at my blog for pictures (which didn't die after 20 minutes of trying to upload).


Today we are visiting one of the boys we sponser through compassion. His name is Ralph, he is 8 years old. His mother and a compassion worker, and a trsanslater are here at the hotel with him. He loves soccer FotBall :) He is very very good at it. Donnie is learning a bit. Right now Donnie is feeding David a bottle. Soo cute. He is very attached to him. I'm thinking that I wont have to worry about my tears when we leave because I will be busy comforting Donnie.

Love you all back home

Thursday, May 21, 2009


where do these kids get there energy? I'm so tired, they are not at all. We woke up at 5 , went to the us embassy, tried to file our I 600. Did lanot file it because Christella doesn't have a birth cert. Social services said to file her birth cert in her uncles name, the usa immigration said NO he is not her dad, they wont accept a birth cert with her uncles name. BUT her dad is deceased and can't sign for her to get a birth cert UGHHHHH!!!! Owell its Haiti, we roll with it. And on top of that they think she has a heart arthmia, which the us considers a disability. We did not file our papers or homestudy for a child with a disability, therefore we may have to redo all those papers! O well its Haiti we roll with it. We went to the baptist mission up in the mountains today. We were on our way to see some mokeys when we were hit with a tropical rainstorm, so we took shelter in an empty monkey house (i'll post pictures soon) . now we are back, and sooo tired. I love you all back home, maybe I can do pictures tonight.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our trip to the ocean

I’m sooo tired tonight. Today we went to the beach, a 2 hour drive. We set a new record today I think. We fit 29 people in 1 van. It was CRAZY. Everybody was a good sport about it. Big time. Donnie was in sooo tight and he totally cooperated. I was very proud of him. I really want to post some pictures and write for a while, but we have no net in our room , so we have very limited internet time. Monday we got in, in the afternoon and went straight to HIS home, then here to the hotel , then bed mostly. Tuesday we spent the day here swimming. Today was the beach. That’s it for now. I love you all back home. I’ll have time to blog a lot hopefully Saturday. We have the whole day here at the hotel with no plans. I miss you sooo much Brae and Bella.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No internet connection in our room...

Things have been very busy. I will blog as soon as possible. For quick updates read Jed's blog...

All is well, having fun.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leaving today!!

We will keep everyone posted with daily updates when ever possible :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

The bedrooms

Ok so our lawyer has been informing us of anything that the Haiti officials might like to see. Because everything helps. And he told us that they really like it when they can see a place for the children prepared in the family home. So he asked us to take pictures of their beds that are set up for them. Welll hmmmmm we didn't have them set up yet, its till very soon for this. BUT a little shopping, a lot of work, and a bit of fun later, and here are the final pictures of the kids rooms. All ready for them to move in.

Will we tuck them into these beds in a year? Probably not a chance,,
2 years? PURHAPS :)
3 years? If need be, we will still be ready and waiting for them.

And it helps make it more real for the kids. I love hearing Bella say "Brae , your messing up Christellas bed"


I called the orphanage director this morning about a few things, and she informed me that the baby is just recovering from Malaria. She said that the worst is over, and he has been treated for it. But that he lost a lot of weight, and he is having a hard time eating still, so not putting the weight on very quickly.

This would be a hard thing if you had a mommy and daddy to cuddle you non stop, and hold you, and Dr's readily available. But we can not do any of this. Chris and Hal are doing a amazing job I am sure. They took him out of the nursery and have been caring for him in their apt. Thank You both, your amazing.

When someone becomes infected with malaria, he or she develops fever, chills, sweats, and a wide variety of other symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and cough, shortness of breath, and neurological abnormalities.

Most people who are adequately treated for malaria will have a full recovery

Well we get to hold him in less than 2 weeks.

Skype again

Christella blew us a kiss And gave us the I love you sign :) David sat there looking adorable.
2 weeks from RIGHT now we will be in Miami boarding the plane for Haiti.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Today is a historical moment in this house. Donnie lost his first tooth! Ok so that might not seem lik e abig deal at all to some. But if you knew Donnie, you would be rejoicing :) After a HUGE crying fit on a playground 3 weeks ago where the tooth was bumped and loosened a bit, to now when I slipped a floss around it and gave a gentle tug and out it popped with no resistance at all. I had been waiting pateintly but could wait no longer. You see Donnie is afraid of blood, even the tiny amount that comes from a papercut will get a scary reaction. And I could picture the whole scene in my mind. Us boarding the airport to Haiti, Donnie tripping while carrying his backpack and pulling a suitcase, and out comes the tooth, and all of the sudden the surprise and the blood would cause the world as he knows it to end. And everybody on the plane would would think that there was a major problem and strt to panic and the airport would evacuate, and air travel would cease due to prending inverstagation of what is wrong on our flight.

Ok so that might be a little dramatic, but there would be more screaming then when he got his traveling immunization, which could be heard 2 towns away.

Ok so I am relieved to say the least, and you know what, after all the worry on his part, he admits it didn't even hurt. And the tooth fairy was smart wnough to buy a tooth present beforehand while awaiting this moment, a pokemon stuffed animal.



sure do love them