Saturday, July 18, 2009

time time time

We got to talk to our babies today. Bella sang the ABC song with CHristella. We all sang Jesus love me together. We go ta few spoken words out of Christella. She looked sad to me. Tired maybe. David was drooling up a storm, must be teething. no teeth yet they said. I want to know more.. I can't find out if she is well, happy, healthy, if she has been having a good summer, what she did today, none of these little things. I love seeing them though, but I wish I could get some information with our calls. I worry abou them, are they eating/ sleeping/ growing well? Do they miss us, do they understand why we can't come to the next visit? WHen so many kids head out to the hotel with their parents, will they wonder why we didn't come? I love them, I miss them, and we haven't even started yet, as far as Haiti is concerned. Hopefully our paperwork will arrive in Haiti by the end of the month. Not likely , but hopfully.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me monday!!

ok here I go, my first attempt at a Not me blog...

OK so in the Monday morning frenzy to clean the house from the weekend mess I did NOT fill the dishwasher up without taking out the clean silverware because I didn't want to take the time to check every spoon and fork to see if it was clean before cleaning the rest of the diry dishes and I could not simply put away all the silverware without completely checking each peice. Before doing that I did NOT put on one of my husbands Many black t-shirts so that I could dye my hair without worrying about ruining one of my own t-shirts. And prior to that I did not give my youngest son cereal in a bowl that had just been used for cereal by my oldest son in order to save on dirtying dishes, that would NOT be hygenic so of course I would NOT do that. I also did NOT tell my children that they could not come out of their rooms until they were completely clean in order to get them OUT of the rest of the house so I could clean! After doing that I did NOT tell them they could have a popsicle before lunch (at lunch time) so that I could get them out of the house so I could finish cleaning in peace. And when I am finished here I am certainly NOT going to go to the gas station to get them nice cheap slush puppies so that I can go guilt free to get a fancy expensive coolata for myself ;) NOT me