Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Lydia

Deanna baby Lydia has been in the Hospital for a couple days now with pneumonia,No improvment yet, Pray for her. This concerns me for David and the other babies as well because apparently all the babes in the nursery are sick right now, and when we were on skype a couple of days ago, he was coughing.

The exception or the rule?

I try no to actually think about the adoption too often. About the kids=Yes, but the adoption=No.

EVERYTHING in this process had gone so perfect, so smoothly, to good to be true.

I.E. all the little details that fall into place,
from the FBI check in 8 DAYS!!!
to the fingerprinting for USCIS being done SAME DAY!! That does NOT happen!,
to the Haitian consulate conveniently being located RIGHT next to a Fed ex when we needed to overnight our Dossier to to lawyer.
How about the fact that we went down there to file our I 600 and even though we could NOT file at that time we found out that had we let the process continue on the path that it was on (Christella had the wrong last name and it would have caused HUGE problems later on, but was easily fixable at the early stage) we would have been in a world of hurt and delays.
And I could go on and on and on...seriously I could.
I think the most important factor in the perfection of everything so far was us finding our lawyer, he is AMAZING! I feel sooo blessed to have him working with us. I know that everyone says that who your lawyer is does not matter, but to us it REALLY does. Because he is more than a lawyer, he has become our friend, and that MAKES a diffrence.
He has picked up on every little thing that we could possibly need. I.E. again... our state ( Maine) does not require a FBI check to adopt, we would not have had one, then we would have arrived at that point in the adoption where the Haitian officials want to see it, and it would not be there, and don't think those officials would have called or written us, NOPE they would have put our file in a pile of other files that are not perfect and a year or so later when it was investigated, they would find out that Haiti was waiting for us to send our FBI check.
Or the fact that he said that Haitian officials will want to see that we are ready and waiting for our children, that we already have a relationship with them and they have a place in our home.
Because of this and his recommendations, we set up the childrens bedrooms perfect, and took pictures of them, and sent this with our dossier, along with a stack of pictures of us with the kids playing hugging and so on...
He submitted our files to MOFA about a week ago, and he is supposed to get them back in his hands the first week of September they said. Most lawyers don't ask for this information , they just drop off the papers and wait for a call saying they are ready. I am grateful to our lawyer for all he has done. He wants our children home with us like we do. He has made arrangements to meet my husband in Haiti for a week and go over details and work on meeting with the orphanage directors and finishing the last bit of the children s papers and bringing them over to IBESR at the end of the week (hopefully).

OK so all of this being said..Everything proceeding so great...I am always (every time I allow myself to mull it over) thinking, Are we the exception , or the rule?

What I mean by that is this..The rule Seems to be 3-4 years from Dossier submission to flying home with kids,,however there are exceptions! Some Do bring their kids home in as little as 12-24 months, no, really it happens!

Now if I allow myself to believe that we could be one of the exceptions than I could be very disappointed and depressed when that time comes and goes, but there is always that What IF?

What if instead of being safe when people ask the question "how long" for the hundredth time,,Instead of my normal answer of "at least 2 + years" I said "Maybe by Next Christmas" Maybe it is worth the possible disappointment to be able to just "HOPE"

And who knows, with people as amazing as the Nungesters caring/ guiding/and raising our children and a lawyer as amazing as our lawyer working hand in hand with them to do the behind the scenes work,,,, Maybe we CAN be the exception to the rule!!

Maybe that would be a nice prayer :)

God you led us here , I BELIEVE that with all my heart, please make us the exception to the rule...and help them know how much we love them before And when they come home to us.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Skype

I love skype. Amazing tool. Its great to see the kids, its also really sad. Everytime we see them on skype it means another 2 + weeks have passed. At least now we are officially in MOFA in first legalization. This often takes a while, we are hoping for the best. Maybe just a few weeks. David has 2 teeth on bottom now. The top 2 are allmost in according to Hal. David will be 9 months old tomorrow. Chirstella just turned 5 years 4 months on Friday. After all our HARD work getting all the paperwork finsihed and in the lawyers hand, we find out we are missing one. The POA letters. So we may be off to the Haitian consulate in Boston again tomorrow to seal those and overnight them to Cliff. Junior has found Christellas uncle and they now have a birth cert for her, so those items with our POA should get us moving quickly we hope. I am anxious to get into IBESR so that they can say NO to us and send us to wait in line for a presidental waiver. The GOLDEN TICKET!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

first tooth

Today we skyped with the kids. There are some helpers at the orphanage right now. A lady named Gabby was holding our kids durring the call. Thank yo to her. I asked about Davids teeth and she told me that he had 1. I asked this on my last call and the answer was no, so between 2 weeks ago and today my little boy got his first tooth. Not exactly a first tooth date, but at least I can write in his baby book that he got his first tooth at the end of july 2009.