Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wow what a day

Last week I was negative about this trip.The things we were supposed to get done in one usually take months. I saw no way any human could accomplish it all in one week. I remember before we left I was praying the God would make what seems humanly impossible HAPPEN. That was my prayer more then once before we left. That and Please keep my children safe and watch over them while I can not.

Here is the list of things that needed to get done. 1 file our I 600 at the US embassy (DONE!) They even did our inerview and had us under oath promise that after bringing these children into the USA we would raise and care for them...2 file our adjudicate orphans first papers at embassy (DONE!) 3 Meet with Christellas uncle and 6 other people to have them sign stating that HE would be the person in charge of making all legal decisions on behalf of Christella (DONE!) meet with davids mom and christellas uncle and go with them to the courts for them to relinquish their rights as parents and give the rights over to us. (DONE) Whats left at this point? For us = NOTHING for our wonderful hard working lawyer and for Chris (the orphanage director) who gave SOO much of her time and efforts today = this (1) get the social study back from the social worker who has had it since June I think, but has not finished it because apparently she needs some of the papers that we went to file in court today....I have faith that we will Have this study this week if our lawyer has anything he can do about it...and (2) Submit the last 9 months of hard work and $$ into IBESR FINALLY!!!! Once it goes into IBESR they will look at it and say NO we do not approve you to adopt these kids because you are not 35 years old (jed is 32, I am 30 TODAY) then they will send us to the presidential office to get a waiver from him stating that we CAN adopt even though we don't meet the law, then he will send it back to IBESR and then they will approve it and send it through to Parquet, Parquet will approve it and legalize the act of adoption that we did in court today. then with a few more important people signing it we will go to get a passport and then a visa. We will not have to wait for anything when applying for the visa because all of the work will already be done thanks to the adjudicate orphans first papers we signed at the embassy today.

So today at the court Christellas uncle and Davids mom signed legal papers and answered questions stating that they WANT to give up their rights to these children and that they WANT Jediah and Amanda to be the new parents. It was hard not to get emotional. We asked Davids mom if she had any questions for us, she said no because she could see that we loved him, and that we would give him a good home. She did ask if we might let him come meet her when he turns 18? Of course we said we would 100% support him if he wanted to do this. If you know Jeds blog , check it out...

To me...the things that we got accomplished were weeks or months worth of work, not 1 days worth, this day was NOT HUMANly possible. We could not have done it alone, in the words of a great song....... to God alone be the glory, to God alone be the praise, everything I say or do, let it be all for you. the glory is yours alone.....yours alone

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

its official , I"m going to Haiti.
We leave Sunday. We get back Friday.
Donnie assures me that they will be Fine and I should just GO
he knows we need to get things moving....
I'm tired
I have mixed feelings about this trip
It will be nice to see the kids for sure. Mayybe David will take his first steps for us.
but we don't get to have them to ourselves like we do on family weeks
we will have to leave them at HIS when we go back to the hotel most likely
Our lawyer assures us that he is confident we can get a lot accomplished
This trip will take us into Haiti more than any other as we visit the courts and embassy and so on..
Haiti is not a fun place to tour, it is sad, really sad
I think I'll bring a backpack full of granola bars, to hand out when people come begging (grangu grangu....)hungry hungry... spelling???
did I mention I'm tired
Bella has been puking all day with fever
she is doing much better right now, I hope its over, I can't leave her with others if she is sick.
The kids should have fun,,,sleepovers with friends, a day with a amazing auntie, a afternoon with another :) and then a few nights with a woman who in all rights is total auntie, allrights except genetics...:) anothe day and night with grammy and grampy... so I really shouldn't worry about them at all...
but I have so much to do before I leave, and I'm tired

ok night
I'll post from Haiti

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

David is standing up :)

but he still has major ear infections
9 months is the same age Bella learned to stand