Wednesday, October 7, 2009

those of you who know how haitian adoptions work will understand that this is a major thing :) GOOD news!! Today we got word that they have FOUND Davids mom's birth certificate. This is a really great thing because we now don't have to worry and wait for ID cards and all that...

Just a side note

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Skype day

So today was skype day. it was very short due to cloud coverage toady, but we got some updates. Davids ears are finally better and Christella had moved out of the toddler room and into one of the big girl rooms. :) You could tell this right off. She is dressed in the clothes I left for her once she got her own room now that she is able to have her "OWN" clothes. And her hair was sooo cute! In the toddler room the nannies keep it tight braided to her head, but today it was doen all cute like the bigger girls. Here is a picture, It was Great to see them.

The best part of her move is that she got to go to church with chris and hal and the big kids today !!!