Monday, December 28, 2009

3 months and counting

Its been 3 months since I have seen these babies of ours. I thought we were going to see them in February. It turns out that we are not... I already felt awful that come February it would make allmost 6 months since they had been held and loved by a mama and I have no idea when we will go see them and how long it will be. To think that these are our kids, that they know us, and that we only held them 3 weeks out of 52 last year. To think of how often I held my 3 babies here, how their little brains deveoped at least 60% of the time in my arms as babies, and how Davids is developing in a small room, sharing precious little cuddle time with 2 nannies and about 30 babies, it makes me sad. To know that Christella lost her mom at 2 years old, and lost her dad at 3 , and went to live with her uncle who couldn't feed her until 4 , and was then brought to the orphanage and is now 5 and a half,,,and still no mama to hold her at night and tuck her in. and to think of all the amazing things that God has made for us to see, hear, feel, touch, taste...and how they are missing out on so much of that! The directors and nanies at the orphanage love them so much, and care for them well, and train them, and do so much for them, but its just not the same as a family. I want them here, I want it to be me that comforts them if they have a bad dream or a tummy ache. When we see the turkeys or deer running through the field and we all run to the window to watch, I want them to watch too...

We are now 1 year from the start of all of this, we are in love with these children, in debt with the bank, in prayer with God, in hope with the Haitian Government and the lawyer, in dispair watching them grow up without us, in denial when people tell us how long it usaully takes, in tears when family trips come around and we can't go, and in gratitude to Chris and Hal and His home for children for giving them safety and love while we cant, and we wait to bring them home.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thought I would tell you all about a great blog that I follow
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food and blogging

I am not a cook :) I am not a real avid blogger either. However I watched the movie Julie and Julia, and then I decided to make Julia Childs Boeuf Bourguignon and now I am blogging about it :)

I will sum up very quickly because as I said I am not a great cook or a great blogger ....

It is very very good, if you love beef, and it takes a LONG time to make...and your house, hiar, clothing, and pets will smell like it very STRONG for at least 1 day...I'll let you know if the smell is still lingering tomorrow :)